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We are a group of professionals specialized in different fields to assist people around the world to relocate, find, and finance a home and/or business in the U.S.

Mr.  Shan Guo 


Greatwall, Inc.

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Greatwall, Inc.

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德州寰宇地产贷款银行成立于1994年, 在总裁过山和卢晓玲经理的带领下,每年给达福地区上千名客户提供约几亿美元房屋贷款。
目前,德州寰宇地产贷款银行有五名全职审核专员,二十多位贷款专员。全部拥有硕士及以上学历,团队工作经验超过六十年,精通各种疑难贷款,免收入贷款 ,现金贷款,外国人贷款及商业贷款。地产公司目前拥有六名地产经纪人主要服务住宅及商业贷款。
由于寰宇地产贷款银行在提供贷款时直接放款,无中介费,因此可以比其他贷款公司提供更低利率,更低费用。然而在服务方面保持高质量,处处替客户着想,在达福地区信誉极高。大多数客户都是通过现有的客户群介绍而来, 因为寰宇不仅保证服务质量,更保证低利率和低费用,才使得现如今业务和队伍不断壮大。


Greatwall, Inc. DBA Universal Mortgage has five loan processors, as well as over 20 loan officers, who are proficient in dealing with all kinds of tough loans, cash out loans, stated income loans, commercial loans and foreign national program. All of the staff has at least master degree, total team working experience more than 60 years.

Greatwall, Inc. are well known for its topnotch service in DFW area for over 2 decades. Besides the exceptional service, Greatwall, Inc. always put its clients' benefit and best interest in the first priority for all these years. Therefore, returning clients and referrals are the key for the company's success. The company's objective is not only to emphasize on quality of the service but also the competitive pricing in the mortgage industry.

DFW area real estate business will be increase steadily, Greatwall, Inc. DBA Universal Mortgage is ready for year of 2017 to provide best service for all clients.

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